Rewa’s Pushpesh aka Guddu will participate in Amitabh’s show KBC,when ? details in news…

Rewa’s Pushpesh will participate in Amitabh’s show KBC,when ? details in news…

Rewa: Pushpesh dwivedi got an oppourtunity to participate in Amitabh Bachchan’s show KBC

pushpesh told that Mr Amitabh comes in his dreams and told him that he will win about Rs seven crore from aforesaid program .

AS per source information, pushpesh will participate in KBC on 27th of may 2023. thus he will be infront of Mr Bachchan on hot seat directly and will give direct answers in KBC program.

Rewa: Social worker Pushpesh dwivedi aka Guddu resides in ward 16, Ravindra nagar, Urrahat got a wonderful opportunity to participate in KBC program hosted by Century Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. He is so much excited since he heard the good news. Its like his dreams comes true.

He also told since he got the news of participation, Mr Bachchan comes in his dreams and told him that he is going to win about seven crore rupees from KBC. Bachchan also says to him(ofcouse in dreams) that when anyone wants something from core of his heart, he is definitely going to earn it.

so Guddu is super excited, happy and much eagerly waiting to approach the program.

Guddu told media, since he is seeing the KBC on TV, he always gave the answers himself before the other participants gave answers from hot seat to Mr Amitabh in approximate all previous episodes. He is very happy with the thought that he will face Megastar in KBC. This very much feeling got him super excited and super happy too. His all family members, friends and local citizens are too much happy and wishing him very good luck for the KBC programme.

Also he is so much passionate to participate in KBC and by God’s grace and good wishes of loved ones he now got the chance too. He had very hardly tried for this and put his all efforts, but unfortunately seven times he didn’t got the success. But now during this eighth time his dreams comes true and he is going to participate.

Its mentionable that, Pushpesh aka Guddu is a well renowned local social worker and well connected to local citizens and always try to help people in their needs as per his capabilities and capacity.

We, the Virat24 media also wishes him very best for successfull participation and success in upcoming episode of KBC. Rockon Mr Pushpesh Dwivedi.

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